Friday, July 18, 2014

Beauty Hacks This Monsoon

Here comes the rainy season pouring the little drops, subsiding the dust and bringing more ecstasy of the nature. The arrival of monsoon is indeed a harbinger of relief from the broiling and scorching heat,but with this you have to take care of your skin as well. When monsoon arrives, your skin starts behaving gruesomely. The sudden eruption of pimples and blackheads; skin turning dry and oily at the same time leaves you totally wrecked up. Your skin does not experience the same enthusiasm and instead, suffers from dehydration brought by monsoon.

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As your skin behaves differently in monsoon, it becomes important to take special care of it. While everything around you is sparkling and alluring, the increasing stickiness in the atmosphere does not allow your skin to breathe properly.
Here are some skin care tips for this monsoon season that will save you from the misery of your skin:
1. Escape fungal infections: Fungal infection is the most common disease during the rainy season. Never keep your skin wet for long time. Taking a bath with lukewarm water and using anti-fungal creams, soaps and talcs should be taken in for combating fungal invasion. Some of the common infections are: athlete’s foot, ringworm, or itching caused by wet moist clothing.
2. Sanitize your skin: You should clean your skin at least 3-4 times a day with non-soapy face wash. The non-soapy face washes will help you remove excessive oil and dirt from the skin and will clean the pores helping it breathe.
3. The radical part of skin toning: You should prefer using non-alcoholic and natural skin toners twice a day to tone your skin. This helps in balancing the skin’s pH value. The act of toning revives the skin and gives it an unblemished glint.

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4. Moisturizing your dry skin: If your skin appears to get dry, damp it with a good moisturiser. You can apply rose water, glycerine or almond oil before retreating off to sleep. This makes the skin bracing and healthy.

5. Maintain your oily skin: People having dry skin should take care of the visible white heads or blackheads. You should try to minimise oil secretion from the skin by using water based moisturisers, cleansers and citrus face packs (containing vitamin C). Moreover, drinking a lot of water also helps in reducing oil prolongation.

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