Monday, December 30, 2013

Healthcare Excellence Award for Best Skin Care Service in Delhi

Over just a short span of 6 years, Clinic Dermatech has turned tables with the Healthcare Excellence Award 2103

 Healthcare excellence award for Best Skin Care Service in Delhi
Clinic Dermatech got recognition for its Skin care services with 'Healthcare excellence award for Best Skin Care Service in Delhi'. The award was given by a renowned Padmashree Winner and Rajyasabha member Dr. C.P . Thakur and AIIMS's Chief Dr. M.C. Mishra. The award was accepted by Mr Rajesh Singh Sr VP –Clinic Dermatech. This Award ceremony witnessed an overwhelming response by Delhi's health conscious citizens. Such acknowledgments and recognitions are testimonies to the consistently improving quality of service offered by experienced experts at the Clinic and its dedicated efforts to excel in a short span of time.

Emerging as the most popular and leading skin care brand over a very short time span of 6 years, Clinic Dermatech has become one of the most trustworthy names in Cosmetic Dermatology .The advanced procedures used by Clinic Dermatch have got immense acknowledgment and appreciation of the customers across Delhi/NCR. Its robust technologies have facilitated revolution in the ever- evolving Dermatology Industry. Over a short period of time, Clinic Dermatech has earned a a huge clientele base of loyal customers.
Clinic Dermatech is empowering its customers with Beauty. With its world class services, Clinic Dermatech is providing remarkable assistance for Hair Reduction, Skincare, Body shaping and Anti aging. Its also offers a premium range of Skin Care product CIEL, which well compliments its unique and quality services.

About Clinic Dermatech
Clinic Dermatech is a leading skin-care treatments provider in India. Along with experienced staff and reputed skin specialists, it offers advanced technologies and treating procedures that are safe, painless and convenient. The quality and credibility of these customized solutions are evident from appreciation and acknowledgment by over thousands of satisfied customers.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Beauty now at 44% OFF!

 skin care clinic
Not everyone is born with flawless skin and a perfect body. But that does not imply you live in resentment forever. We believe every woman is beautiful but sometimes it takes a little extra effort to show the world that. We at Clinic Dermatech are here to help make you not only look better but also feel your best.
Forget the old painful hair removal methods, the home remedies that go in vain, those hit and trials face masks that leave your skin as it was with no difference. Try our special and advanced facials that help you get that glow guaranteed. Acne, blemishes, wrinkles, unwanted marks, cellulite and other skin related complains you have can all be made to disappear.

The offer ends on 20th November. So what are you waiting for? Call us now @ 9958693884 or pay us a visit in any of our clinics to get consultation on what services would best suit your needs. Enroll yourself today to enjoy beauty at a never before price. Hurry! You can also visit us at 

Clinic Dermatech is Delhi’s top Skin care Clinic that offers a complete array of beauty services from Body shaping to Anti-aging to Skincare to Hair reduction. Beauty is simplified with Clinic Dermatech. Whether young or old, whatever you need. 

To your delight, we are offering a discount of Flat 44% Off on all our beauty treatments. Come get the youthful glow in your skin and personality too. Experience great results with true pampering at the hands of our qualified experts.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Karwachauth - Signature Facials for Radiant, Glowing and Attractive skin!

The consistent exposure to pollution, dust particles and harmful sun rays, can cause wrinkles, dark spots, blackheads, acnes and pigmentation on our skin. There are many surgical and non-surgical skin enhancement treatments available in the market to make your skin look glowing, spotless and youthful. However, amongst all treatments, non-surgical facial treatments are the most safe, easy and comfortable treatments to get that scintillating glow on your skin.
For the very first time, Clinic Dermatech brings you a ‘Signature facial’ at a reduced price of just Rs 1499.
Not just an ordinary facial, the Signature Facial is one exclusive therapy that will not just exfoliate your skin, but will also solve all your skin problems and add that special glow to your skin.
                              skin care

Thoroughly a unique face therapy, Signature Facial perfectly combines the skin benefits of natural vitamins with updated formulation techniques. The various skin types on which they are best suited are:

·         For oily and combination skin
·         For normal, dry skin
·         For sensitive skin
·         For dull, visibly ageing skin
The Signature Facial process firstly involves a light polish, and mild exfoliation to the skin. This is further accompanied by unique effective solutions, which are gently massaged to the skin. The unique formulas/solutions differ as per the type of skin and skin requirements of the person. Finally, a Face mask is applied to the skin to provide vivid and long lasting hydration effect. The type of mask also varies as per your skin type.
So, what are you waiting for? This Diwali, let your skin do the talking. Give it that extra oomph and glow with Clinic Dermatech’s exclusive ‘Signature Facial’!
Recommendation: The facial treatment should be repeated once every month, to get that fresh and youthful skin.
Duration: About 45 minutes
Downtime: You may resume regular activities immediately after the service.
To book your session visit:

Friday, September 20, 2013

Full Body Laser Hair Reduction Offer

Be one of the first 50 callers and enjoy a single session of chin/underarms absolutely free!

Laser Treatments have emerged as popular and suitable methods for hair removal in today's high-end world. Seeping through the skin to end ingrown hair growth, lasers can reduce hair development permanently. Besides relieving you of the added stress of removing hair regularly with the painful hair reduction procedures, laser therapies ensure to retain the softness and smoothness of your skin.

 hair reduction
Delhi's No.1 skincare clinic, Clinic Dermatech believes in implementing advanced science to unleash the hidden 'charm' in you. Supporting it's objectives, the clinic is currently offering a Pre-Full Body Laser Hair Reduction Therapy at a nominal cost of Rs. 49,999/- only! With this latest deal exclusively for ladies, Clinic Dermatech endeavors to boost confidence and enhance appearance of every female without burning holes in her pocket. The offer includes, well monitored laser treatments for hair reduction on prominent areas like face, arms, under arms and lower legs. This high-end therapy can give you a long term break from the painful methods of hair removal and add to it lasting smoothness and softness to leave you spellbound. Adding to the excitement, if you are amongst the first 50 callers, you can also take on a single session of chin/underarms at the clinic and that will be free of cost!

So be a part of advancing technology scenario of today and experience the marvels of robust Laser Therapy at Clinic Dermatech. Book your exclusive session now!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Full Body Laser Hair Reduction

Now pamper the 'Graceful' you with a Pre- Full Body Laser Hair Reduction @ Rs. 49,999/- only!

 hair removal
It's every girl's desire to step out in the open wearing free-flowing dresses or get comfortable in a casual pair of denim shorts. However, the unwanted hair growth can hinder their much cherished aspirations to flaunt a Smooth and Silky body.

Delhi's no.1 skincare clinic, now brings an exciting offer for a Pre-Full Body Laser Hair Reduction at a shocking price of Rs. 49,999/- only! With this latest deal exclusively for ladies, Clinic Dermatech endeavours to boost confidence and enhance appearance of every female without burning holes in her pocket. The offer includes, well monitored laser treatments for hair reduction on prominent areas like face, arms, under arms and lower legs. This high-end therapy can give you a long term break from the painful methods of hair removal and add to it lasting smoothness and softness to leave you spellbound.

Following are few benefits that you can enjoy with this exclusive offer by Clinic Dermatech:

Get relieved from the daily hassles of shaving:
A few sessions of laser treatment can significantly reduce hair growth permanently. This may require you to shave your under arms only once in six months! So less shaving means less time to get ready, right?

Lesser hair ingrowth:
The best part about this laser treatment is that it gets you relief from those irritating ingrown hair that are difficult to remove by traditional methods for hair removal. The ingrown hair can be reduced by 70-90%!

Get smooth and soft skin to flaunt!
Laser hair removal will give you softer, smoother skin after each treatment. So get all your favorite dresses out and be ready to be a trendsetter!

Avail this high-end offer and get, set, go with your body so smooth and skin so soft and supple!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Clinic Dermatech Independence Day Offer

This Independence day have more than one reason to celebrate. Clinic Dermatech brings to you amazing offers for the entire month of August.

 latest offer
From facials to body shaping to anti aging treatments, everything at never before prices. Walk-in to a Clinic Dermatech outlet and get to know about the incredible discounts and schemes you can avail on the treatments of your choice.

This August 15th we celebrate 67 years of freedom so we are giving hefty discounts wherein you pay only 67% but get 100% benefits on all the treatments.

Time and again most of us feel out of shape, are unhappy with our health or have complains with our skin smoothness and glow. So weather you are looking for a weight loss program, body shaping techniques, skin treatments and even daily care products, we've got it all for you at attractive offers.

Not everyone is blessed with the best physical features. A slight nip-n-tuck here or there can boost your confidence and happiness quotient manifolds. Makeup can only last so long, a glow from within is what you need. For longer lasting solutions come to us.

Everyone has the right to look their best not just for occasions but each and every day when they step out. Why should only actresses have that privilege? Clinic Dermatech pledges to make you feel young, vibrant, healthy and beautiful again.

This Independence Day celebrate your new found beauty; choose Clinic Dermatech, Live Powerfully.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

360 Degree Science of Body Shaping

 body shaping
When was the last time you met someone who told you they were completely and truly happy with the way their body is? Or ask yourself, are you absolutely satisfied with he way your body looks? If your answer is anything but Yes, there is scope for improvement.

Carrying a little holiday weight, or just troubled by the heredity flab. Both are hard to deal with and even tougher to get rid of.
A majority of people are unhappy with their body shapes and body types. A controlled diet is sometimes not enough. And not everyone has the time to hit the gym everyday with their jam-packed routines.
Yet everyone desires to have a body shape as perfect as glamorous models. And why shouldn't they. A
beautiful body is everyone's right.
Lets be honest, a flat tummy and toned legs and arms look great. But reshaping your body can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have been sedentary for years or have a lot of weight to lose. So what to do?

Clinic Dermatech's new Weight loss program is now here for you to try at only Rs. 999. Our 360 degree Science of Body Shaping is a scientific treatment that helps men and women gain the desired body through both holistic and/or non-surgical methods.
At Clinic Dermatech we employ an innovative combination of latest and safest technologies to deliver great results that last have the most advanced technologies and methods available for you.
With several outlets in various locations of Delhi and NCR and new stores opening up, you can now contact our nearest outlet and avail the limited offer scheme today!

Come join us in our endeavour in making more and more people fit, healthy and happy with not only their body but also their lives. After all a healthy mind lives in a healthy body only.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Get gorgeous this summer at 51% off!

We all desire to look good to feel good. In the highly professional modern times of today, one's physical appearance may get the attention of several eye balls around. Hence, it has become important to have an appealing appearance that can make one's presence felt significantly. Also, the way one looks can have a major impact on a person's confidence level. Where a decent appearance can boost it to much higher levels, an unwanted look can lower one's confidence considerably. Although nature's contouring cannot be disturbed, but with the advancement in science and technology one now has many options of treating and enhancing appearance through various high-end therapies for skin, body and hair.

To provide a quality treatment procedure to its client's Clinic Dermatech offers a robust range of treatments that ensure fast results in a safe manner. With it's growing clientele base, the Clinic strives to offer convenient treatment options for those seeking permanent solutions to the problems of aging skin, unwanted hair growth and gaining weight. To accomplish this purpose, Clinic Dermatech is currently offering a wonderful 51% off on it's treatments of Hair Reduction, Body Shaping and Anti-Aging. Undoubtedly, the response and feedback for this discount offer has been very positive. The highly professional women of today, wish to look their best when out for formal meetings and social getherings. Clinic Dermatech is fully equipped with ultra modern technology and advanced machines that ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Be it a flawless hair reduction, effective body shaping or robust anti-aging, treatments at Clinic Dermatech with their remarkable technologies can undoubtedly exceed your expectations. Moreover, the latest 51% discount offer can bring delight with fast and efficient services available at affordable prices!

So wait no more! To book an appointment, visit

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's raining 51% off on popular treatments at Clinic Dermatech!

To all you stunning senoritas out there! You will be glad to know that Delhi's most promising skincare clinic is now offering an awesome discount of 51% off on it's exclusive treatments of Hair Reduction, Anti-aging and Body Shaping.

Clinic Dermatech is Delhi's most promising skincare clinic that has emerged as a popular treatment center for the modern society in general. With it's growing clientele base, the Clinic strives to offer convenient treatment options for those seeking permanent solutions to the problems of aging skin, unwanted hair growth and gaining weight. To accomplish this purpose, Clinic Dermatech is currently offering a wonderful 51% off on it's treatments of Hair Reduction, Body Shaping and Anti-Aging. Undoubtedly, the response and feedback for this discount offer has been very positive. The modern women of today are seeking some effective and safe solutions to their common problems related to growing age and increasing weight. Hence, the high-end services at Clinic Dermatech offer much relief in the form of fast results, painless procedures and enhanced quality. Moreover, the discounted prices are drawing many women to try the advanced therapies at the fully equipped Delhi center.

These three categories that are included in the discounted offer are the most popular and preferred treatments at Clinic Dermatech. The quality Body Shaping treatments here deliver effective results by using latest technologies that can restore fitness in a safe and efficient manner. Under the body shaping category, Beautytek, Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radio Frequency, Galvanic treatment are the most frequently availed therapies. However, the modern equipment used at Clinic Dermatech definitely gives it an edge to leapfrog competition. The clinic is equipped with latest machines that are supported by the most recent technologies to offer treatments that are par international standards.

Emerging as safer alternatives to the traditional hair removal procedures, the high-end treatments at Clinic Dermatech are being highly preferred by the socially active women. These efficient procedures give effective and visible results and that too in limited time frames. The overall duration of these treatments is less and the recovery time is also not much. One can resume daily activities fast without the risk of any side effects. Nd:Yag laser is a popular treatment technology at the clinic that offers fast and effective hair reduction due to its large spot size and thus provides a lasting treatment for removal of hair from the body.

Next category of treatment that is also included in the discounted range is Anti-Aging. This service category has gained much interest and appreciation from the clients' side. Happiness and satisfaction of customers at Clinic Dermatech testify the quality and efficiency of technologies adopted here. The clinic delivers state-of-the-art assistance to fight all signs of aging in safe and high-end ways. The therapies combine traditional science with modern technology to generate quality and efficiency. Laser He Ne + I.R. offers safe and effective solution for revitalizing your skin that gives it a lasting glow. The treatment with beautytek light is completely painless, non-invasive and extremely skin-compativle.

The main objective behind this discount offer is to offer the best treatment experience through excellent quality and affordable prices.

About Clinic Dermatech:
Clinic Dermatech is one of the top most skin care clinics in the country. It offers a robust range of services to empower women and men to be in control of their destinies and lead successful lives through the ability to look and feel attractive.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Laser Hair Removal- The pros of it all!

The advanced laser treatments are being highly demanded and acknowledged by the modern population of today. Who does not want freedom from the painful traditional procedures? The remarkable benefits of Laser Hair Removal Treatments are globally recognized. India particularly, is driven towards this advanced technology as laser treatments in the country are deriving a huge clientele base. Besides the painless convenience they offer, laser hair reduction therapies hold more benefits for the person using them.

Lesser growth is visible:
Effective laser treatments can reduce the hair count to at least 40%- 80%. This is enough to get noticed! The treated area is well noticeable as the skin becomes smooth, clean and clear.

There is little or no hair growth after the treatment:
There is minimal hair growth after the laser is done. It can be either removed with regular shaving or requires a few days worth of growth.

Less investment of time:
A Laser therapy can be done on large areas on the body within very less time frames. These result-oriented treatments are less time consuming and highly efficient.

Combining the numerous advantages of this advanced technology with the marvels of traditional science; Clinic Dermatech offers high-end Hair Reduction treatment. This customer-centric treatment delivers fast and effective results. Along with the latest equipment and technologies, the expert skincare specialists at the clinic leave no stone unturned in facilitating complete customer satisfaction.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Give yourself an ‘Advanced’ look!

 skin care clinic
A healthy glowing skin speaks volumes about your well being. It is rightly said that the beauty is from within but enhancing it from the outside is no harm!! For the purpose of enhancing looks and improving the quality of skin on our body and face, we get drawn to the various remedies and skin care treatments that boast of removing marks and cleaning the skin. The home made therapies, natural and herbal remedies, all are being practiced since time immemorial. Even the ancient queens and princesses spent most of their time in beautifying themselves.
Facials have always been popular and highly preferred skin care remedies for women all ages. The practice of applying good smelling ingredients for cleansing or exfoliating the skin and massaging them efficiently has undoubtedly benefited many beautiful ladies. However, the traditional facials have now become outdated! As a consequence of increasing demand for quality skin care cosmetics and treatments, there has been emergence of some exceptional and exclusive treatments that are both technology-based and less time taking.

Based on the new concept of skin care and beauty enhancement, Clinic Dermatech offers Advanced Facial for an Advanced level of satisfaction. Facials are outdated in USA, Germany, Spain and now in India too! The Advanced Facial Treatment from Clinic Dermatech is indeed an effective and efficient successor to the traditional facial remedies. This is a comprehensive face therapy to bring a youthful, long-lasting glow to the skin. The skin is lightly polished and gently exfoliated to reveal a cleaner, brighter look with firmer, smoother skin. Moreover, the nourishing mask applied in the end gives a perfect finish to the enhanced procedure. For delivering the best possible result, the mask is chosen carefully to suit specific needs and skin types. The Advanced Facial can be customized in accordance to the following skin combinations:

•    For oily and combination skin
•    For sensitive skin
•    For normal dry skin
•    For dull, visibly aging skin

 The duration of the treatment is for about 45 minutes and no required rest is essential. One can resume regular activities immediately after the service. This is indeed one of its kind therapies for a consistent radiant glow that can be maintained with periodic appointments for the Advanced level treatment.

Do you wish to experience advanced beauty?