Thursday, March 20, 2014

Flat 51% Off on all Services

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful!”
We always judge a book by its cover and a man/ woman by his/her appearance and looks. We always make decisions about people based on the first few seconds of meeting them while in the next few minutes we solidify our perceptions about them. Life is spontaneous; we never know whom we are going to meet and when? Since our looks and appearance matter so much then why should we not pay enough attention to it?
Aesthetics are important, just not in the way you think and look. Enhancing your appearance is one of the easiest ways to improve your social prospects and the way people see you and tends to communicate volumes about our personality and identity. Improving your appearance can have a drastic effect on your social, personal and professional life. Not only does it boost the morale and self-confidence of the individual, but also changes the perceptions of the society for better.
Clinic Dermatech with the vision to empower women and men to be in control of their destinies and lead successful lives through the ability to look and feel attractive, has emerged as the industry leader in imparting the desired look to the individuals. By employing the most advanced technology, while adhering to high ethical standards and always putting the client's best interests first, Clinic Dermatech brings the most effective aesthetic and beauty treatments to give you the desired look.
In today’s rapidly changing aesthetics industry Clinic Dermatech has established itself as an ethically driven leading solution provider of Cosmetic Dermatology. Equipped with technologically advanced machines that are among the world’s best, some of which are available for the first time in India, our signature state-of-the-art clinics provide world-class services, customized to fit every individual’s needs.
Now treating yourself with the best treatments of cosmetic dermatology is even more beneficial and pocket friendly, as Clinic Dermatech announces Flat 51% off on treatments related to permanent Hair Reduction, anti-Aging and Body Shaping.  

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Celebrating the Power of Womanhood!

Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes.”
Being a woman and successfully assuming roles and taking responsibilties that come with womanhood isn’t easy. A woman is someone, who carries her heart on her sleeves, who is pure and innocant like a beam, yet strong and emotionally balanced as a tough rock where lay the foundation of the whole family.
She is a loving daughter, a great friend, a selfless lover, a loyal wife and a nurturing mother. Whatever role she has assumed, she has always touched the horizons of excellence and conformity. So, to celebrate the splendid myriad hues of womanhood, Clinic Dermatech brings to you the range of beauty care and skin care services that truly add up to your magnificence and beauty.
Clinic Dermatech with the vision to empower women to be in control of their destinies and lead successful lives through the ability to look and feel attractive. Adhering to high ethical standards and always putting the client's best interests first., Clinic Dermatech enables women to be physically attractive by employing the most advanced technology.
As Clinic Dermatech believes that the first step in taking control of your life is by taking control of your body, your looks and your attraction. In today’s rapidly changing aesthetics industry Clinic Dermatech has established itself as an ethically driven leading solution provider of Cosmetic Dermatology. With the products and services to empower you with attractive looks and feel, Clinic Dermatech is undoubtedly one stop solution for all your cosmetic dermatology needs.
To assist you in enhancing your looks and beam with a radiating glow this woman’s day, Clinic Dermatech exhibits numerous woman’s week offers. Now cheer up as there’s another reason to smile as Clinic Dermatech gives 51% Flat off on permanent hair reduction, anti ageing and body shaping. Now Look Good, Feel Confident and Live Powerfully!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Complete Skincare with Ciel products (HR+, Sculpt+, Hydration+)

Beauty is a state of mind that affects our own actions and the world’s reaction and response to us. The concept of beauty has evolved over the years but the impact that it has on people ceases to alter. The notion of power and beauty goes hand in hand. Our social perceptions and attitudes are dependent to a great extent over the outward appearance and look of an individual.
So in order to exercise great control over your destiny you must first ensure to exercise great amount of control over how you look. So in the current times, more and more numbers of women are resorting to natural and artificial; surgical and non-surgical; and other medical methods to enhance their beauty and personality. In their craving for beauty, women are ready to go through painful procedures and strive for their beautiful version.
Beauty invites us to build bridges and make connections between the senses and the soul, between contemplation and expression, between ourselves and the world and Clinic Dermatech is determined to work in this direction. With the vision to empower women and men to be in control of their destinies and lead successful lives through the ability to look and feel attractive, Clinic Dermatech offers a range of beauty treatment products such as Ciel’s HR+, Hydration +, Sculpt+ etc.
Highly effective and efficient solution to slow down the growth of unwanted hair is Ciel’s HR+. To get best results after laser hair reduction treatment, one must use Ciel HR+ that has natural extracts clinically proven to reduce the growth of unwanted hair. In other words, HR+ enhances the effectiveness of laser hair reduction and gives you clear pristine beauty.
The natural extracts of Hydration+ are known to give a magnificent glow to the face by restoring the essential oils and moisture of the skin. It has a soothing blend of natural extracts that preserves and enhances the benefits of skin care procedures.

To give your body shaping program the required after-treatment boost, the unique blend of hot oils of Sculpt+ breaks down excess deposit of fat and enhances the benefits of such programs. The natural actives of Sculpt+, like cinnamon etc help to prevent and reduce the appearance of cellulite while petitgrain oil visibly lightens stretch marks.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Best Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic in Delhi/NCR' award by Brands Academy

Another Feather in the cap!

The most promising Skincare Clinic in Delhi, Clinic Dermatech has been recognized as the 'Best Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic in Delhi/NCR' by Brands Academy.

Adding another milestone in the successful journey of Clinic Dermatech, the recent presentation of 'Best Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic in Delhi/NCR' award by Brands Academy is testimony to the Clinic's remarkable service quality and advanced treatment procedures. This is a historic moment for Clinic Dermatech as it has been recognized with the second award in just one year. The clinic is proud to celebrate this double bonanza with it's qualified and efficient staff members across all centers. This recent award was presented to Clinic Dermatech by the renowned Brands Academy and was handed over by popular Bollywood actress, Soha Ali Khan.

A while back, Clinic Dermatech was also the proud recipient of "Healthcare Excellence Award for Best Skin Care Clinic in Delhi". These back to back recognitions have bestowed immense encouragement to the dedicated employees of Clinic Dermatech. They are now committed to improvise and excel in their profession to deliver service at par international standards.

Clinic Dermatech is a fast growing skincare and body shaping clinic in Delhi/NCR. The emphasis here is on enhancing appearance through advanced technologies and treatment procedures. As a consequence of it's high-end techniques and treatments, the Clinic has earned a vast clientele across India. Come experience!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Healthcare Excellence Award for Best Skin Care Service in Delhi

Over just a short span of 6 years, Clinic Dermatech has turned tables with the Healthcare Excellence Award 2103

Clinic Dermatech got recognition for its Skin care services with 'Healthcare excellence award for Best Skin Care Service in Delhi'. The award was given by a renowned Padmashree Winner and Rajyasabha member Dr. C.P . Thakur and AIIMS's Chief Dr. M.C. Mishra. The award was accepted by Mr Rajesh Singh Sr VP –Clinic Dermatech. This Award ceremony witnessed an overwhelming response by Delhi's health conscious citizens. Such acknowledgments and recognitions are testimonies to the consistently improving quality of service offered by experienced experts at the Clinic and its dedicated efforts to excel in a short span of time.

Emerging as the most popular and leading skin care brand over a very short time span of 6 years, Clinic Dermatech has become one of the most trustworthy names in Cosmetic Dermatology .The advanced procedures used by Clinic Dermatch have got immense acknowledgment and appreciation of the customers across Delhi/NCR. Its robust technologies have facilitated revolution in the ever- evolving Dermatology Industry. Over a short period of time, Clinic Dermatech has earned a a huge clientele base of loyal customers.
Clinic Dermatech is empowering its customers with Beauty. With its world class services, Clinic Dermatech is providing remarkable assistance for Hair Reduction, Skincare, Body shaping and Anti aging. Its also offers a premium range of Skin Care product CIEL, which well compliments its unique and quality services.

About Clinic Dermatech
Clinic Dermatech is a leading skin-care treatments provider in India. Along with experienced staff and reputed skin specialists, it offers advanced technologies and treating procedures that are safe, painless and convenient. The quality and credibility of these customized solutions are evident from appreciation and acknowledgment by over thousands of satisfied customers.