Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Signature Facial - Glow that makes you look Younger

Looking for Facial that gives you quick & long lasting results?

Ordinary Facials are outdated! Ordinary Facials work just on the outer surface of your skin, giving you partial results. Now is the time to get Facial that absolutely suites your skin type!

Clinic Dermatech gets you its unique Signature Facial that gives you long-lasting results by using State-Of-The-Art Technology, Natural and Holistic Therapies and improves skin texture, strengthens muscles and gives skin a Fresher, more youthful glow that stays with you for long.

Signature Facial is best for quick results for any upcoming social get together which gets the results lasting for longer time than ordinary facial. Ordinary Facials work just on the outer surface of your skin, giving you partial results. Clinic Dermatech's Facial cleanses, rejuvenates, exfoliates and nourishes the skin deep within. This just not gives rather a touch or a feel instead it leaves both- a smoother touch and a softer feel.

As other Clinic Dermatech services, this also contains 100% hygiene and safety. Everything is monitored by trained professionals.
The Signature Facial Includes
  1. Quick Microdermabrasion Treatment
  2. All Black head / White head removal
  3. Soothing Massage as per skin type Ampoules
  4. Peel of Mask
Light and Superficial Polishing is done. Some gaps are acceptable. The duration for this is kept for 10 minutes.

A unique 4 step process for painless removal of black heads and white heads:

Step1. MDA is slowly done with higher vacuum and powder level to loosen the comedones.
Step2.  Vacuuming of black heads and white heads is done without powder flow in case of stubborn ones.
Step3. A gauze piece saturated with rose water is used to manually extract the black heads and white heads.
Step4. Use a comedone extractor in case of deep ones.

The above process is done to clear complete black head/ white head in the time duration for 15 minutes.


Nature Ampoules :           
The ampoules cater the meals for your body as it goes to the deepest possible part of your skin. Ampoules will be applied through manual stimulating massage. The selection of the application of ampoules depends on skin type and its condition and is done for duration of 15 minutes.

Types of Ampoules used for Massage are:

Dry-Dehydrated Skin requires Hydrix Ampoule 
Ampoule designed to obtain a long lasting moisturizing effect. Especially indicated for dry, dehydrated skin wherever deep moisturizing is required, revitalizing the hydrolipidic layer of the skin

Oily and Combination Skin requires Equilibrium Ampoule 
The combinations of the active principles contained in this ampoule enhance the skin’s hydration and balance. Due to the ampoule’s oil-free combination, its application is specially recommended for oily and pos-acneic skins.

Sensitive Skin requires Stabiliser Ampoule 
It is cosmetic solution designed to relieve congestion and reddened skin particularly suitable for sensitive d delicate skin. Due to its soothing properties and totally oil free composition it is recommended for reddened and slightly irritated skin.

Anti-Ageing Treatment will require Elastin Ampoule 
The active principles of this emollient and softening solution, improves the elasticity and firmness of the tissues therefore the ampoule is indicated for wrinkle prevention treatment, loss of elasticity, firmness and premature ageing of any type of skin.

4.  Application of Algae Peel Off Mask
The Algae based mask is to give astonishing effect to every skin type. 

4. There are Varieties of masks according to every skin type:

RETENSE MASK:  For Moisturizing All Skin Types
This Kiwi based mask is rich in Vitamin C. It clarifies the skin, reaffirms the skin tissues by stimulating the production of collagen and leaves a lifting effect on the skin.

VITAMIN VEGETABLE MASK: For Anti Ageing & Environmentally Damages Skin
This Mask is formulated with sea weed algae with a high content in vitamin C from orange and the effect of the dill (an aromatic herb). It has lightening, Anti-Oxidant properties which stimulates and increases the collagen, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and hence increasing the skin’s elasticity.

REAFFIRMING MASK: For Oily & Combination skin
This mask contains diatoms which absorb impurities, oil and catabolic (degenerative) substances that results from the cellular activities. The algae supply a very good skin hydration. Hence, it sites best to oily & combination skin.

GREEN MASK: For Sensitive Skin
This mask has brown algae which have a high amount of polysaccharides that absorb the outside water, giving it to the skin and they react with the skin proteins producing a revitalizing effect. It is recommended in post operation, strong peelings and red skins, due to stimulating treatment and especially in dry skin.

Expectation Alignment of Sessions:
  • One session of Signature Facial will give you instant results.  
  • A Gap of Minimum 25 days to Maximum 30 days is required.
    How is Signature Facial Unique?
    • It gets you quick results for the upcoming social get together
    • This Facial cleanses, rejuvenates, exfoliates and nourishes the skin deep within.
    • This just not gives rather a touch or a feel instead it leaves both- a smoother touch and a softer feel.
    • Special Clinic Dermatech Facial provides lubricants to the innermost part of the skin.
    • This further gives the skin a power to fight against all odds.
    • It creates a noticeable improvement in the appearance and health of the skin. 
    How different is Clinic Dermatech Facials and Microdermabrasion (MDA)?

    MDA is a long term solution wherein for optimum results 6 to 8 sessions are required with a gap of ten days between two sittings and this service intensive removal of dead skin cells is done, followed by a relaxing massage and face packs. Maintenance sessions for the same are also required once a month subsequently. This service can only be availed post a social engagement.

    Clinic Dermatech Facials are quick facials wherein light polishing of the skin is done followed by removal of black heads and white heads, soothing massage and an algae peel of mask. This service can be availed before a social engagement.Facials are an important of every smart skincare routine. The benefits are obvious-healthy-looking skin that's incredibly clean, smooth and radiant. And the overall experience is so relaxing and luxurious.

    Will the Facial helps in lightening my blemishes/scars?
    The purpose of a facial is to help correct and preserve the health of a skin-it is not expected that your skin will be blemishes/scars free.

    Do I need to follow any after care regime?
    Simply apply Sunscreen on everyday basis. That’s all is required!