Thursday, September 16, 2010

Permanent Hair Reduction through Advanced Laser Technology

How Laser Hair Reduction works?

Intense Pulsed Light
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or Hair reduction with a pulsed light system is performed with intense light pulses (not laser) to selectively heat the hair shaft and thus destroy the hair root. The surrounding tissue is heated only in a negligible way and not damaged. It is internationally proven that IPL works wonders on Fine/Thin Hair and it gives maximum results in minimum number of sessions as compared to other lasers available in the world market.

Nd:YAG laser
Neo dynamium - Yttrium Aluminum Garnet laser (Nd:YAG laser ) has the capability to reach deeper layers of skin tissue. Large areas of the body can be treated quickly with this type of laser. The globally acclaimed Nd:YAG Laser gives more effective results for Coarse/Thick Hair.
Based on the scientific principles, one can see that there is not one laser that can treat everyone.  Also, the ability to manipulate the settings on each laser is an extremely fine balance.  An experienced physician with extensive laser training should be sought after to perform laser hair reduction.

Laser permanent hair reduction vs. traditional hair removal methods

Hair removal method Permanent Painful How fast Side effect / skin reaction
Laser hair reduction Up to 80% Slight tingling sensation Fast No side effects
Razor/Waxing No Yes Fast Thicker hair regrowth
Depilatory shaver No Yes Fast Skin may be cut, dry or itchy
Tweezers No Yes Slow Thicker hair regrowth
Radiation Probable Yes Slow Burns or scars, hair regrowth

How can you get effective results in lesser time?

It has been globally proven that there are specific lasers available in world market for different hair types. For example, while Nd:YAG Laser gives more effective results on Coarse Hair/Thick Hair, IPL is better for treating Fine/Thin Hair.Hence if someone wants the reduction of coarse hair, the treatment is done with Nd:YAG Laser and after undergoing 3 -4 session, the coarse hair gets transformed to fine hair. Now if you continue to use Nd:YAG on fine hair, it won’t be as effective and the reduction achieved will be limited to 40-50 %. However at this stage, if the treatment is done using IPL, it gives effective results in just 2-3 session thereby giving approx. 80% reduction. Clinic Dermatech’s hair reduction process uses an effective combination of these different laser technologies under one roof to give more effective and longer lasting results in fewer sittings.

But what about the pain & the risk of getting burnt?

The pain involved in laser hair reduction is not any more than waxing. The sensation resembles a rubber band snapping against the skin for a quick second with each pulse. The use of highly configured machines which are available with few of the most trusted clinics like Clinic Dermatech totally rule out the risk of getting burnt during the procedure.
After the treatment, the skin in the treated area may become slightly red and swollen; you can apply cold compresses to the skin surface to soothe it. You can use a mild cleanser to cleanse the treated area, but avoid strong soaps. The use of sun screen is recommended on any treated areas exposed to the sun and sun exposure should be minimized before and after laser hair reduction treatment.
If pain or fear is holding you back from having the smooth skin you've always wanted, then worry no more!  For many laser hair reduction patients, this treatment is less painful than a routine visit to the dentist. So what are you waiting for?

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