Thursday, January 24, 2013

Give yourself an ‘Advanced’ look!

 skin care clinic
A healthy glowing skin speaks volumes about your well being. It is rightly said that the beauty is from within but enhancing it from the outside is no harm!! For the purpose of enhancing looks and improving the quality of skin on our body and face, we get drawn to the various remedies and skin care treatments that boast of removing marks and cleaning the skin. The home made therapies, natural and herbal remedies, all are being practiced since time immemorial. Even the ancient queens and princesses spent most of their time in beautifying themselves.
Facials have always been popular and highly preferred skin care remedies for women all ages. The practice of applying good smelling ingredients for cleansing or exfoliating the skin and massaging them efficiently has undoubtedly benefited many beautiful ladies. However, the traditional facials have now become outdated! As a consequence of increasing demand for quality skin care cosmetics and treatments, there has been emergence of some exceptional and exclusive treatments that are both technology-based and less time taking.

Based on the new concept of skin care and beauty enhancement, Clinic Dermatech offers Advanced Facial for an Advanced level of satisfaction. Facials are outdated in USA, Germany, Spain and now in India too! The Advanced Facial Treatment from Clinic Dermatech is indeed an effective and efficient successor to the traditional facial remedies. This is a comprehensive face therapy to bring a youthful, long-lasting glow to the skin. The skin is lightly polished and gently exfoliated to reveal a cleaner, brighter look with firmer, smoother skin. Moreover, the nourishing mask applied in the end gives a perfect finish to the enhanced procedure. For delivering the best possible result, the mask is chosen carefully to suit specific needs and skin types. The Advanced Facial can be customized in accordance to the following skin combinations:

•    For oily and combination skin
•    For sensitive skin
•    For normal dry skin
•    For dull, visibly aging skin

 The duration of the treatment is for about 45 minutes and no required rest is essential. One can resume regular activities immediately after the service. This is indeed one of its kind therapies for a consistent radiant glow that can be maintained with periodic appointments for the Advanced level treatment.

Do you wish to experience advanced beauty?