Monday, May 30, 2011

It’s All About Appreciating Her Unconditional Love

From the moment we are conceived into being to the moment we learn to talk and feed ourselves, our entire world revolves around a single person, more popularly known as- the Mother.

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She is the one person who silently promises to stand by our side for life, irrespective of what we look like, the kind of person we become, or even what we come to achieve. To a mother, her child is the most important person in the whole wide world, to protect whom she can go to such lengths that would even end up taking her by surprise.

In a day and age when easy money and an insatiable hunger for success can take over any individual and turn him into an unrecognizable creature, it is the selfless and loving guidance of a mother that can help him stay sane and still understand the difference between right and wrong. Today, our society, along with the rest of the world, has come to such crossroads where the need to succeed rules most of our decisions. It is at this time that we most need the tender advice of our mothers, the kind of advice that helps us stay grounded, close to our roots and stand by the right choices no matter how demanding the consequences.

The presence of a mother not only acquaints us with virtues such as generosity and kindness, but also ensures that we too receive the gift of unconditional love. The word ‘Mother’, in India, has been used in various capacities. It has not only been used with respect to the woman who gives birth, but also includes the one who nurtures and raises the child. This makes it include every woman who cares for and loves us in the capacity of a mother. This Mother’s Day let your celebrations include every woman who has made a contribution to your life in the capacity of a mother. Be it your biological mother, elder sister, aunt or even Mother Nature.

Now, unconditional love and care can be a very difficult gift to repay, which is what leaves most children in the lurch as to what would make for the “perfect Mother’s Day gift”. Would a breakfast in bed suffice, or a more lavish shopping trip to the mall, or would a simple I love you do the trick? Fact is that natural love and care can be appropriately reciprocated with only that- love and care. For this reason, we have come up with the “Me & Mom” offer this Mother’s Day that promises to nurture your mother, and for once give someone else the chance to pamper her. Getting yourself a hair reduction, body shaping or anti-aging package from either of our outlets, will automatically give your mother the freedom to choose a self-indulging package of the same value from our kitty.

So, what are you waiting for? Show your mom how much you care on this special day by putting that radiant smile back on her face!