Thursday, August 18, 2011

Claim Your Freedom From Excessive Hair!

Do you find yourself making wardrobe choices just so your “hairy” secrets remain hidden? Do you yearn to wear sleeveless tops and tiny shorts all month long, but can’t because those nasty hair come back no matter how often you wax, shave or get rid of them? Laser hair removal could be the best option for you.

A lot of women find themselves shying away from wearing a certain type of clothing or even attending functions due to excessive hair growth. They refrain from getting too close to people and feel an awful amount of discomfort when hugged, since they are always conscious of their “prickly” growth. A majority even get mocked by their brothers, friends and relatives for something that is beyond their control.

Excessive hair growth, while mostly genetic, is also a by-product of hormonal disturbances and reaction to certain medication. Whatever the reason may be, excessive hair anywhere on the body can embarrass you and make you feel a lot less lady-like. While waxing is the most common mode of removing hair, it can be excruciatingly painful. Also, as far as razors and hair removal creams go, while the first can leave you with ugly cuts and burn marks, the latter is accompanied by an awful smell and can cause serious pigmentation if used on a regular basis.

Considering the entire scenario, Laser Hair removal emerges as the simplest, most pain free solution to anyone’s hairy problems. Usable on almost any part of the body, laser makes it possible to permanently reduce unwanted body hair, in the quickest and most convenient manner possible. The advances in this technology have contributed towards making it a solution with long-term benefits without any damage to the skin. This hair removal process works on the principle of ’Selective Photothermolysis’. The laser energy herein is delivered to the treatment area in such a way that it maximizes tissue damage to the hair follicle, by identifying and targeting “actively growing” hair due to the melanin content in them. Just a few sessions are known to produce astounding effects that are long-lasting.

Celebrating the Spirit of Freedom, we bring to you Laser Hair Treatments at only 65% of their original cost, so that you never have to hold back from being everything you were meant to be!