Monday, May 26, 2014

*Monsoon Hair Care Tips*

Monsoon Hair Care Tips

The thick grey monsoon clouds bring relief from the heat of summer, with fresh raindrops and cool breeze. Monsoon season makes us roll in euphoria, one dances in the rain, sloshes in rain puddles or has an enthralling experience of these short-lived showers. With the magic of monsoon; comes a little worry for people who love their hair, as there is excessive humidity which leads to sticky hair, hair-dullness, hairfall, dandruff and scalp irritation.

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There are certain measures and precautions that one can take and follow, to keep these issues at bay and have a perfect and an exciting, worry-free monsoon.

Keep your Hair dry. It is important to keep your hair dry, as wet hair gets all flat and frizzy and you can have an itchy scalp. But in case your hair gets wet, wash it carefully and use a mild conditioner to keep your hair smooth and shiny.

Limit your Hair care products. During the monsoon season, choose your hair care products carefully, as one may experience different hair problems varying from dandruff problems, dull hair problems, oily scalp or dry scalp problems. Therefore, accordingly one must be selective when selecting a conditioner or shampoo for their hair.

Do not comb or tie wet hair. Wet hair is weak and prone to damage. Before combing your hair, let it dry naturally, to provide strength or gently hair dry. Even tying your wet hair weakens and breaks the hair strands.

Avoid experimenting or styling your hair. Monsoon is the time of crisis for your healthy hair, therefore you must resist from styling and experimenting with your hair. Straightening or perming affects your hair adversely and hence, must be avoided.

Have a healthy diet and Stay hydrated. One must watch their diet as protein is the most important nutrient for one's hair and during such a crucial season, you must ear protein-rich food, like eggs, green fresh vegetables, eggs, various dairy products etc. You must also drink plenty of water, as it helps your hair stay healthy and amazing during the monsoon season.

Try these amazing tips this monsoon, and be free and dance to the rhythm of the falling rain.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Revolutionary Photo Facial by Clinic Dermatech

The legacy of your endurance will be allured by your beauty”

In today's active world we all are occupied, in attendant to the happenings going around us and within. The grace of “self being” is enlisted to our precious senses in which “skin” is the utmost vital crust that has to be taken care of. In this contaminated environment climate changes constantly and unknowingly. 

Dealing with the dust particles and in lieu with the exposure to the U-V rays, sun damages our skin even more. Revelation of our delicate skin to these harsh chemicals harms the natural essence of the skin and makes it dull. Most household products contain substances that irritate the skin tissues, strip oil from the skin and damage its protective layer (barrier). The most common symptoms being itching, swelling, redness and the skin may also become dry, scaly, and rough.

Taking all these crucial points in mind Clinic Dermatech has always helped mankind with intelligent and innovative solution like Photofacial. Photofacial is a generic term used for skin treatment that uses IPL technology to fill your pores and make your skin beautifully radiating. It has number of uses and Clinic Dermatech deals in the ones listed above. Whether they are brown spots, broken capillaries or boosting collagen, Photofacial helps in bringing back the lost grandeur and charm of your skin.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is one of the latest additions to cosmetic dermatology. Suitable for sensitive skin areas, it can be used effectively for whole body. It gently removes imperfections from your skin i.e. sun damage, precancerous lesions, fine lines, fine wrinkles, and pigmentation. It can be safely performed over your lunch break, with little or no discomfort and minimum recovery time. Skin resurfacing treatments can also be used on your neck, chest, hands, and arms, where the skin needs minor tightening.

These photofacials are very convenient, relaxing, medically approved and carry 0% risk of burning. It is a part of advanced facial technique with the new engrossed IPL- intense pulsed light. It not only treats your acnes but boosts your collagens and clears away your wrinkles. Get radiating beautiful skin with Clinic Dermatech.