Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ultimate Hair Care with Clinic Dermatech

Beautiful hair undoubtedly enhances your confidence and makes you look even more beautiful. As we all are acquainted to the graceful crown (hair), and do not want that it should ever lose its radiance, quality and volume. Clinic Dermatech unveils a range of avant grade hair care products that will not only make your hair look stunning, but will make them healthy as well. Below are simple tips that will rejuvenate your hair completely:

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1. No Air Drying
Regular drying in a fair amount will not improve your texture but will damage your hair and cause frizz. To nourish the portion of your hair Clinic Dermatech brings you the Advanced Hair care mask which not only improves the condition of your damaged hair but plays a major role in protecting the strand fall. The mask saves your hair from frizz and split ends. Once you are done with your shampoo and conditioning, this hair mask provides a protection layer and saves it from getting damaged by the blow-dryers, dreadful weather and harmful hairstyling devices.

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2. Shampoo but not bruise
Washing your hair rigorously multiple times a week, may affect the quality and growth of your pampered tresses. The number of broken strands increases with each wash. This happens when you use a shampoo that doesn’t suit your scalp and depletes the thin vitamin B film on your scalp (The film has a tendency to hold your hair strands hard and not allow them to fall over washing or combing). Bad quality of shampoos not only strips your hair from its natural oils and dries it out but it also fades the hair color. Clinic Dermatech's Advanced hair care Shampoo brings you the unique combination of Keratin and Provitamin B5 that leaves hair smoother and softer with a healthy shine. Ciel shampoo also protects colored hair and works best on normal to dry and frizzy hair.

3. Velvety Conditioning
After shampoo, the conditioner plays an important role. Using low quality of conditioners can make you bald. Clinic Dermatech's Advanced Hair Care Conditioner is the avant-grade product that has been made keeping the Indian quality of hair in mind. Its natural ingredients like Keratin and Provitamin B5 helps in rebuilding your damaged hair and renews the inner strength by giving deep nourishment. It's a perfect match of the natural oils and proteins. It activates the rejuvenation and provides complete nourishment to dry and damaged hair.

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