Monday, November 18, 2013

Beauty now at 44% OFF!

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Not everyone is born with flawless skin and a perfect body. But that does not imply you live in resentment forever. We believe every woman is beautiful but sometimes it takes a little extra effort to show the world that. We at Clinic Dermatech are here to help make you not only look better but also feel your best.
Forget the old painful hair removal methods, the home remedies that go in vain, those hit and trials face masks that leave your skin as it was with no difference. Try our special and advanced facials that help you get that glow guaranteed. Acne, blemishes, wrinkles, unwanted marks, cellulite and other skin related complains you have can all be made to disappear.

The offer ends on 20th November. So what are you waiting for? Call us now @ 9958693884 or pay us a visit in any of our clinics to get consultation on what services would best suit your needs. Enroll yourself today to enjoy beauty at a never before price. Hurry! You can also visit us at 

Clinic Dermatech is Delhi’s top Skin care Clinic that offers a complete array of beauty services from Body shaping to Anti-aging to Skincare to Hair reduction. Beauty is simplified with Clinic Dermatech. Whether young or old, whatever you need. 

To your delight, we are offering a discount of Flat 44% Off on all our beauty treatments. Come get the youthful glow in your skin and personality too. Experience great results with true pampering at the hands of our qualified experts.

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