Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wish to regain your younger look?

Know about Skin Care & Anti Ageing Treatments that are safe and suits your skin.

There has been a variety of globally acclaimed, non-invasive technologies and treatments that are now available in India that can be used for ageing reversal. The most promising are BeautyTek, BeautyTek Lite, Photofacial using IPL, Microdermabrasion, Derma Peel, and BOTOX, to name a few.

BeautyTek is a non-invasive body-sculpting and face-lifting technique using state-of-the-art technology from Germany, Medilab. It offers a safe and pain-free alternative to surgical body shaping procedures. A very low-frequency electrical impulse is passed into the body. As the stimulus is transferred to each specific area with the use of a variety of hand-held wands, the BeautyTek computer monitors the body's reaction so that the treatment is constantly adjusted to achieve energetic balance, precisely calibrated for each individual at that point in time. BeautyTek helps boost cellular rejuvenation for a firmer, more youthful appearance...naturally. Average cost per session (Face): Globally – US $220, India - Rs. 5,000/-

BeautyTek Light is an innovation in the field of cosmetic devices for wrinkle treatment and skin rejuvenation. Absolutely painless, skin-compatible, takes only 20 minutes for a session. With Beautytek Lite, the skin regains its natural tautness and youthful freshness. It combines 3 different empirically developed wavelengths that ensure the non-invasive and extremely gentle application of low-energy light (bio-stimulation).  The optimum energy wavelength ratio guarantees maximum effectiveness for all skin types. Average cost per session (Face): Globally – US $260, India - Rs. 6,000/-

Highly illustrious BeautyTek and BeautyTek Lite technology, which is also the secret of ever-glowing, young skin of many Hollywood and Bollywood stars, is available in India exclusively at Clinic Dermatech.

Photofacial using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), a revolutionary breakthrough in enhancing the appearance of skin, provides dramatic results for a variety of benign conditions, including age-spots, fine lines, facial redness, flushing, rosacea, broken capillaries, freckles and enlarged pores. Average cost per session: Globally – US $235, India – Rs. 5,000/-

Before taking any such treatments, it is advisable to get your skin analyzed by accredited dermatologists. Many highly renowned skincare clinics like Clinic Dermatech offer free skin analysis and consultancy sessions.

Microdermabrasion is a scientific method, using fine, micro crystals to progressively abrade the skin's surface. It is used for skin resurfacing and treating a range of skin abnormalities. This treatment has been used in Europe for years and is now helping men and women in India experience remarkable improvements in their skin texture, regardless of skin color.

Derma Peel is commonly used for facial rejuvenation and abnormal skin pigmentation. It improves the condition of the skin, lessens appearance of blemishes common in older age, corrects pigmentation problems caused by sun damage, helps to diminish enlarged pores on the face and treats fine wrinkles.

Botox is most effective for wrinkles that are visible when smiling, laughing, raising the eyebrows or for crow’s feet around the eyes. Botox injections are very small and done with a tiny needle that usually does not cause discomfort. The pressure sensation associated with the injection goes away very quickly and patients can return to normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Derma Fillers are bio-degradable gels that are used to enhance the appearance of the face. They are made from hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the body. These fillers are injected into the skin with a very fine needle. The result is an increased volume, softening of wrinkles and folds on the face. 

Know what’s best for your skin

All these non-invasive anti-ageing skincare treatments can give a real boost to your skin by gaining back its youthfulness. No matter what your age, skin condition or your desired outcome, these technologies and skincare procedures nurture, restore and maintain the health of your skin for that perfect, long-lasting glow. However, it is always good to consult skin experts like dermatologists to discuss the pros and cons of each of the treatments as per your skin type. Mind you, these treatments should only be done by qualified professionals. Never entrust your face to those who are not trained to provide the treatment.

For free skin analysis or patch test for any body part (experiential) and expert advice, visit Clinic Dermatech or SMS “CD” to 53456

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